We returned to class in September 2020 and put in place the following strict guidelines for parents, children and students to follow.

Instructions for coming to class during the COVID-19 Pandemic

On Arrival:

  • On arrival, parents hand over their children from the allocated area and a verbal confirmation that they are well must be given.

Masks should be worn when entering and exiting the building by all children and students in KS3 and above please.

The mask must be kept on until temperature is taken.

  • Older students travelling on their own must wait until given permission to enter and give a verbal confirmation that they are well.
  • On entering the building, everyone must sanitise their hands and temperature checks will be taken and recorded.

What they can and cannot do/bring:

  • Children and students must come with their uniform under their clothes – no changing facilities.
  • Hair must be in a bun and ready for class before they come. No one will be able to do their hair for them. No ponytails.
  • Only one uniform per student – jazz pants may be added where necessary. NO changing of uniforms, only shoes.
  • One bag per student big enough to hold their coat, clothing and shoes. Anything taken off, i.e. shoes or a coat, it must be put into their bag straight away. Nothing can be left on the floor, chairs, tables, etc.
  • Please limit what is in the bag –  dancing shoes, water bottle, towel, hand sanitiser, small hand towel and snacks if staying for two or more classes.
  • During a Class: Once they have entered the building, sanitised their hands and had their temperature checked and recorded:
    • They will enter the studio, take off outer clothing and masks and change their shoes, putting everything in their bag.
    • Once ready for class, they must sanitise their hands again.
    • Each participant will be allocated a space with a ‘foot’ marker on the floor and they must remain within that space unless told otherwise.
    • The floor will be clearly marked with tape to show where children and students can and cannot go.
    • Teachers will not be able to make physical contactsocial distancing between teachers, children and students will be adhered to at all times.
    • Exercises which travel across the room will be done socially distanced.
    • Exercises which require going onto the floor, the children/students will use their towel.

     When they leave:

    • At the end of the class they must change their shoes, put on their coats and masks and wait to be called to leave. Children/students will leave one at a time.
    • While parents are waiting outside for their child/student, please ensure social distancing is maintained.

    Food and Drink:

    • No food and drink will be supplied (bottles of water will be available).
    • Snacks will only be permitted for children and students taking part in 2 or more classes. They will be told when and where they can eat these and they take their rubbish home! We will NOT clean up after them.
    • Their water bottle and snacks (for those who need them) must fit into their bag.

    What they can bring:

    • One bag per child or student – this will contain dancing shoes, a towel (for floor work) and a water bottle. Big enough to hold all items – nothing can be left on the floor, a chair or lying around.
    • One bath towel for floor work – long and wide enough for them to sit with their legs straight out.
    • Water bottles must be clearly named.
    • Children and students will be told where to leave their bag.