We will bring back the choreography competition to give all the children of the school the opportunity to create dances for themselves and for or with their friends and younger children, once Babel life returns to something resembling pre-covid!

Below you will find the Terms and Conditions for entry. Ask as many questions as you like and encourage your children to take part.

Types of Entry:

Solo – 1 performer / Duet – 2 performers / Group 3+

Dance Styles:

Ballet / Tap / Modern / Disco or Street / Lyrical (modern ballet / Drama / Song or Song and Dance / Character / National Dance

Improvisation has recently been added to the competition. Students who enter will listen to a piece of music and then perform their own interpretation of this music. There is a Junior and a Senior entry.

Maximum Dance Time Limits:

Up to Age 8 Solos 1.5 mins Duets 2 mins Groups 2.5 mins
Age 9 – 12 Solos 2 mins Duets 2.5 mins Groups 3 mins
Age 13+ Solos 2.5 mins Duets  3 mins Groups 3 mins

Entry Book

All items must be written in the entry book. All items must be in the entry book. Items may be cancelled but not added.

All dances must be shown to a teacher  before the competition. Only items that have been shown and approved will be permitted in the competition.

Date and Venue



These are entirely optional. The judges will look at the choreography, the age/ability of the child and the performance. Suitable clothing is essential and hair away from the face.

Entry Fees – Payable 7 days prior to the competition

Fees TBC.

All performances will be awarded a medal. Groups will be automatically entered into a choreographic competition.

Marking System

Judges will award a Bronze, Silver or Gold medal. The majority vote will be awarded; ie.  Two award gold and one silver – gold is given. One of each, the silver will be given.

For groups, the adjudicators will also award a mark out of 10, giving a total out of 30.


3 – 16 Bronze medal
17 – 24 Silver medal
25+ Gold medal

So, to begin your child needs to decide on what style of dance they would like to do, whether on their own or with others, then choose some suitable music and away they go. Sara and some of our older students will be on hand throughout the process to help, please don’t hesitate to ask.