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What an amazing day. 27 children and students travelled with 6 chaperones to Her Majesty’s Theatre in London. We met at Osterley Underground Station at 9.45am and arrived early to the theatre. We took the short walk to Trafalgar Square, where they ran around, taking selfies. All ages mixed in brilliantly! We returned to the theatre and were shown to our very small dressing room in the basement. Everywhere you looked there was paraphernalia from “The Phantom of the Opera”. Shoes, etc in the dressing rooms and props hanging high above the stage. The atmosphere was electric. Each school took their turn on the stage, everyone clapping and cheering each other. After the dress rehearsal we went to eat. The only restaurant with any room (because of the marathon), was the Aberdeen Angus Steakhouse just along the road. We took over the top floor. Once we were revived with food, we went back to our dressing room to complete hair and make-up and prepare for the show. One of the nicest moments of the day for me was when a group IMG_5571 IMG_5528 IMG_5575of 10 or so of us were sat on the floor, we were aged from 7 to 55 and we played I spy! When we left the theatre to meet parents, everyone was buzzing with excitement. A lovely, lovely day that made me very proud to be a dance teacher! Thank you, Sara R


Full of resources, auditions, training tips, dancewear and so much more! Take a look….. Report back with what you think about it.


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