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Huge CONGRATULATIONS to Rekha Lakhanpaul, Carolann Rogers-Moore and Ruby Fortune on their GCSE Dance results 2021.  Our best results ever. It has been a challenging  2 years, with the adverse conditions through the pandemic. But, the girls rose to the occasion.  It wasn’t plain sailing by any stretch of the imagination, there were struggles, but success prevailed!

Carolann – Level 9

Rekha – Level 8

Ruby – Level 8

I felt safe and included

I can’t really put how grateful I am for everything that Sara and Babel did for me into words. I’ve always struggled with self confidence and the idea of actually believing in myself, but I never had to worry about that during those incredible year of dance. Sara always made sure that I felt safe and included, no matter how I looked or what my skill level was and don’t think I am ever really going to be able to thank you enough for that.

Congratulations Charis

Charis has qualified as a FitSteps Instructor. She passed her assessment at GOLD standard.

A Fabulous School

Well done for setting up such a fabulous dance school. My girls have learnt so much and flourished under your care and I truly wish we could take you all with us. Thank you for believing in them and for all your loving support. We will miss you.

Emma Leaman

An Excellent Training

At the end of my first year we had feedback tutorials on all our classes and when I went to one for movement, my teacher was so impressed. She said she could see that my body has had an excellent training and being able to move comes naturally. She said I could apply everything from that training as a dancer to having a free body when acting. Although she never does this in the first year, she awarded me a “First” for movement. I just wanted to say thank you for everything over the years, a lot of this feedback is down to the time and patience given to me as a dancer. The skills I have learned will continue to serve me now and in the future.

Georgiana Casbarra


Making Memories – Theatre Royal Windsor 2018

We shall be performing at theTheatre Royal Windsor in November 2018.

Summer School 2018

The last week in July saw 42 children and students from as far away as Sydney Australia have a great week. The theme was The Greatest Showman. Routines and songs were learnt. A huge banner made in art and craft. A day trip to Covent Garden in London. On the last day, parents and friends came and watched the fruits of the week’s labour.

IMG_3514 DAY 2 20 DAY 2 21 DAY 2 54 DAY 2 65 DSC02466 IMG_3797 IMG_3846 IMG_3752

My Favourite teacher

Jasmine Dotiwala, one of Sara’s very first students, a Producer at MTV, has her own Radio show and travels the world to interview  the stars of music and screen has declared Sara Ridley (nee Halder) her favourite teacher!

Excellent Training…

Sara, I went to my tutorial for movement and my teacher was so impressed. She said she can see that my body has had an excellent training and that being able to move comes naturally and that I can apply everything I have learnt from being a dancer to having a free body in acting.

She said that although she never does this in the first year, she has given me a FIRST for movement!

I just want to say thank you for everything over the years because a lot this feedback is down to you and the time and patience you put in to me as a dancer, The skills I have learnt from you continue to serve me and I’m sure they will in the future. Lots of Love

Georgie Casbarra  (Student 2003-17)

Sharon joins us on a Saturday…

Sharon will be joining our Saturday team in September (2017). She already teachers on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday. A student of Babel as a child, she went on to earn a degree at The Royal Academy of Dance in Ballet Education. She will be a welcome addition to our passionate and skilled teaching staff on a Saturday.

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