Heston Community School/Heston Methodist Church,
Heston Road, Heston, Middx TW5 0QR

How to find us? Please click here.

There is parking in front of the church and in the school. There is a traffic light controlled crossing between the two buildings. Young children are always accompanied when crossing the road, if they need to do so to get from class to class.


RAD Ballet

Teachers: Sam Laing/Sara Ridley/Charis Ridley/Sharon Payne

9.15 Pre-Primary (4-5 yrs) Band B Church Hall
10.00 Tots Dance (2.5-4 yrs) / Grade 5 Ballet Band B Drama Studio / School Gym
10:45 Primary  / Grade 3 Ballet Band B Drama Studio / School Gym
11.30 Grade 1 Ballet / Pointe Work  Band B Drama Studio / School Gym
12.15  Grade 2 Ballet / Grades 4 Ballet Band B Drama Studio / School Gym

ISTD Tap and Jazz

Teachers: Vanessa Armstrong / Nicola Salter

9.15 Grades 5 Tap Band B Church Hall
10.10 Primary Tap Band A Church Humphries
10.45 Grade 1 Tap / Grade 4 Tap  Band B Humphries / Ch Hall
11.30 BREAK
11.45 Grade 2 Tap Band B Church Hall
12.30 Gold Jazz
 1.15  FINISH

ISTD Disco & Street 

Teachers:  Vanessa Armstrong/Cara Cleary

10.00 Disco 2 / Disco 3 Band B Church Hall / School Hall
10.45 Disco  1 Band B School Hall
11.30 Street Dance (9 yrs+) / Freestyle (5-8) Band B  School Hall / Humphries
12.30 Team Disco Band B School Hall
 1.15  FINISH

Company Classes

Teachers: Charis Ridley / Sharon Payne

1.30 Junior / Senior Band C

GCSE Dance

Teachers: Sam Laing/Sara Ridley

9.00  Year 1  Humphries – Church


Teachers: Sharon Payne

9.00 Age 5-11 yrs Band C                                     School Gym

When arriving for your first time, it is advisable to come about 15 minutes early to complete registration and be escorted to your class.


Teachers: Sharon Payne/Charis Ridley

4.30 Intermediate Ballet Band C Charis
5.00 Inter Foundation Ballet Band C Charis / Sharon
5.00 GCSE Dance Sharon
7.00 Contemporary Dance  Band C  Charis
8.00 Finish