1. Fees
ALL fees will be paid monthly, per class during this difficult time. This way, should we return to lockdown, ensuring cash flow will be more manageable. Monthly invoices will be sent electronically and must be paid on the 1st of the month OR the 1st visit to class that month. All classes, whether attended or not must be paid for.

Failure to keep up with payments for classes may result in the loss of your child’s place within the school. Should you have a valid reason for late-payment, please discuss with the Principal immediately.
Fees are waived only for an extended illness or injury (4 weeks minimum) and on provision of a Medical Certificate.

4 weeks notice in writing, is required to quit, otherwise fees will be charged.

2. Payment
Payments accepted by card. / Cash must be placed in an envelope and clearly marked with your child’s name / Online: Babel School of Dance 40 16 05 71655558

3. Absenteeism
Children absent for three consecutive weeks, without notification will be removed from the register and places given to waiting children. Please send a message if going to be absent. Currently, some classes, due to space are restricted in numbers. Please therefore, always inform us of any absences to maintain your child’s place.

Fees will NOT be waived for students wishing a leave of absence for other commitments, non-payment of fees during this time will mean names are removed from the register and places given to waiting children.

4. Standards of Conduct
Any student attending classes with the Babel School of Dance may not then use their knowledge to benefit another teacher or school. Failure to comply with this will result in the immediate expulsion from the Babel School of Dance.

 The changes to this document are:

4 weeks required to quit

All fees MUST now be paid monthly from an electronic invoice by one of the methods in number 2 above.

Teachers will always make themselves available to discuss any issues or queries you may have. It is essential that you let a member of staff know you wish to have a discussion and arrangements will be made for a teacher to talk to you.

Sara Ridley will always make time for any discussions involving the children and the school. Please let a member of staff know and arrangements will be made.

Please do not enter a lesson unannounced as this is very disruptive.

When regular teachers are absent, cover will always be arranged and the same behaviour and respect as shown to all teachers is expected towards temporary ones as well. All teachers and member of staff are DBS checked.

If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact Sara Ridley, who will be happy to answer any questions.