Month: June 2016


Congratulations to all students who performed today at Hayes and Harlington Community Association Open Day. A lovely warm afternoon, lots of fun, plenty of food choices, displays to watch, singers to listen to. A real community day, thank you to everyone who helped, took part and enjoyed themselves! IMG_6020 IMG_6022 IMG_6038 IMG_6047

Akram Khan Watches Big Dance Rehearsal

BIG DANCE REHEARSAL GROUP SHOTThe girls met at Kings House Sports Ground in Chiswick on Sunday 19.6.16 along with over 600 other people to rehearse for The Big Dance that will be performed on 2.7.16 in Trafalgar Square. It was a great day, very hot in the morning and breezy in the afternoon. The rehearsal was led by Jen and Jose and watched by choreographer Akram Khan. Akram Khan spoke very emotionally about losing 2 friends in the Orlando attack and wanted to show the world through the Big Dance, that the human spirit could not be quashed. This was received with cheers and loud applause. It was very inspiring. All the performers came together and worked very hard. All ages and abilities from 14 – 70+ years. There was a disabled group, professional dancers and everything in between.

We are now looking forward to going to Trafalgar Square for a rehearsal on 1.7.16 and then the performances on 2.7.16.

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Acro is an exciting style of dance that combines acrobatic elements and dance technique together. The dance movements in acro are founded in ballet, jazz, lyrical and modern dance styles, but can also have hip hop and breakdance elements. The acrobatic movements are called tricks, which can be performed as a soloist, with a partner, or in a group.

Classes will take place on a Monday evening at Hayes and Harlington Community Centre with Sharon, who is fully qualified as an Acro teacher. Classes will take place alongside the existing Tap and Street lessons.