During this difficult time, monthly invoices will be sent for each student.

Payments will be in advance for the month ahead.

All Dance classes are charged at either Band A, B, or C
Band A – 30 minute class
Band B – 40 minute class
Band C – 60 minute class

Band Termly £ 1/2 Termly £ Monthly £ Per Class £
A 72.00 39.00 18.00 6.00
B 82.00 45.00 20.50 7.00
C 88.00 51.00 22.00 8.00

Monthly payments MUST be paid from a Bank or Building Society. Payments by cheque are no longer accepted.
Weekly payments MUST be paid, even in absence. (See Terms and Conditions).

Admin Charge

This covers Public Liability Insurance, and other admin costs. These include Music Licences, staff DBS checks, etc. This is payable at the start of the school year in September, or during the term any new child starts classes.

3 TERMS n/a
Sep – Nov registration
2 TERMS n/a
Dec – Feb registration
1 TERM £7.50
Mar – Jun registration

Siblings – 10% on like for like classes – First child pays full price.
GCSE Dance – 2 year course
£75 per month for two years (24 months)*
*Extras – e-Learning Subscription (annual), plus theatre trips